Haiti: June 2004

One More Salvation

On our last full day in Haiti, we received word that down the road a little ways there was a lady sick with Tuberculosis, a deadly disease, who wanted to accept Jesus and wanted us to pray for her. She had not eaten or drunk anything for 10 days and was in a lot of pain. Pastor Winston led her in a prayer for salvation and we prayed (from outside the house) for her healing. We haven't heard any updates about her, but we know that she became a Christian.

Being a Blessing

When we go to Haiti, we do a lot to bless people. We bring a lot of money and supplies to give to them. Delaying the trip and having to switch flights cost us a lot of money, so we couldn't do as much as we wanted this time.

Pastor Winston and Kimi wanted to buy a supply of food and bless three families. Even though circumstances were against us, we were able to buy a supply of rice and beans. Kimi headed up the additional distribution of clothes for the families and toys for the kids.

On the day before we left, we went out as groups to deliver these bundles. One lady we visited was Nicole. We met her more than a year ago and have tried to check up on her whenever we go to Haiti. Through the week, we sent a vehicle to pick her and her family up to bring them to service. She is a tiny lady with a great faith in God. It was especially important to give her food because she is pregnant and really needs nourishment. She was very grateful to receive so much for her and her family.

The Saga Continues

We don't know when we'll be able to take a team back to Haiti (though we've said that in the past and ended up going again just a few months later). Regardless of when we do actually make another trip, our commitment to Haiti remains as strong as ever. We will continue to pray, and will stay updated on things that happen. We have seen God do too much to be able to forget. Satan's major strongholds have been torn down, but there is one more Voodoo priestess, Teraliese, who lives just up the hill from the orphanage. We visited her several times, hoping that she would turn away from Voodoo and live for Jesus, but she is resisting. She is old and doesn't know how to do anything other than Voodoo. She is afraid that she will not have an income and will starve if she changes. Please pray that she would trust God and that He would prove to her that He can provide for her and her husband. During this trip, Teraliese's grandson, Semwa, accepted Jesus, so God is doing a work in that family, but we must keep praying.

One of our biggest desires now is that the Haitians themselves will evangelize and disciple others. We would have great fulfillment if ministry continues and miracles happen even when we aren't there.

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